Guaranteed Reservations:
To reserve a room, there must be at least 1 guest 21 years or older present in the room. To guarantee a reservation a valid credit card is required at time of booking. A valid photo ID is required both for the check-in process, as well as being a necessity to process a credit card.

The hotel’s check-in time is 4:00 pm. A request for an early check-in will be accommodated based on availability. If we cannot accommodate the request, luggage storage will be offered. The hotel’s check-out time is 11:00 am. An extended check-out to 12:00pm will be an additional $50.00 per room. An extended check-out past 12:00pm will result in a half day charge based on the daily rate.

Room Occupancy:
Room rates are based on double occupancy. A $10.00 per person charge / per room / per night will be added for guests 12yrs old and up, for triple and quadruple occupancy. There is a standard 12% room tax applied to all reservations.

Guest Packages:
We charge a handling fee of $3.00 for each package received by the hotel. If a package is delivered during your stay, please include the guest name and reservation number. Please call us at 716-754-9070 to receive your reservation number and confirm the guest name is added to your reservation. Upon arrival, please call Ext. 700 to verify your package has arrived and make arrangements for delivery.

*Due to space limitations, we do not accept packages more than one week prior to arrival.

Smoking & Damages:
The Niagara Crossing Hotel & Spa is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hotel and spa, including guest rooms. Guests will be subject to a $250.00 service fee if additional cleaning of their guest room is required due to smoking. Guests are responsible for any damages, whether intentional or unintentional, during their stay, and will be subject to appropriate service and repair fees as determined by the hotel.

Reservations can be cancelled up until 12:00 pm on the date of arrival by contacting our reservation desk at 716-754-9070.  Reservations that are not cancelled by 12:00 pm will be charged one night stay plus tax.Reservations that are prepaid must fallow cancellation policy outlined on the destinated booking site. Non-refundable booking are Non-refundable when cancelled entirely.

Dog-friendly Accommodations

The Niagara Crossing Hotel & Spa is dog-friendly. We look forward to providing a memorable stay for you and your dog. There is a non-refundable ‘Pet Fee’ of $25.00 per day, per dog, up to 3 days, for a maximum of $75 per dog, per stay. Anything exceeding 3 days will not be subject to an additional daily pet fee. For any guest staying 7 days or more, there will be a nonrefundable $150 deep cleaning fee applied at the end of the stay. To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, the following policies as outlined in the ‘Pet Acceptance Agreement” apply to your pet’s stay, which must be signed upon check-in. Also upon check-in, your credit card will be authorized an additional $150.00 for pet incidentals.

*Cats and other animals are not accepted at the Niagara Crossing Hotel and Spa.

Please download the registration form for complete details.